A video recording of the “Introduction to EUMOFA” webinar is now available on the EUMOFA website, with English, French and Spanish subtitles.

The video gives an overview of the EUMOFA website, including guidance on how to obtain and use the data and information on the EU fisheries and aquaculture sector. You’ll see practical demonstrations of how to access and extract data on, for example, first sales of turbot in France, Irish export of live/fresh crab, household consumption of fresh products in the EU and indications of effects of the COVID-19 crisis on those markets.

Besides the video, a summary of the webinar’s Q&A session is also available on the website. It includes clarifications of recurrent terms used in the EUMOFA context, such as commodity groups, main commercial species, presentation, preservation, intra-EU and extra-EU trade.

Visit the EUMOFA website for more information on the webinar and on how to attain the most out of EUMOFA.

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