As with all Federations, the main decision-making body is the Assembly that is composed of representatives of the Member Associations. This allows for transparency and a democratic process for all FEAP actions.

The Federation is administered by a Management Committee which is composed of the President and Vice-Presidents of  the FEAP (who are elected by the General Assembly), assisted by the General Secretary and the immediate Past-President, Mr. Arnault Chaperon.

  • Marco Gilmozzi
    Marco Gilmozzi FEAP President
  • Lara Barazi
    Lara Barazi Vice-President
  • Gustavo Larrazábal
    Gustavo Larrazábal Vice- President
  • Philippe Balma
    Philippe Balma Vice-President
  • Tor Anders Elvegård
    Tor Anders Elvegård Vice-President
  • Bernhard Feneis
    Bernhard Feneis Vice-President
  • Arnault Chaperon
    Arnault Chaperon Past FEAP President

The Federation’s secretariat

  • Catherine Pons
    Catherine Pons Office Manager
  • Javier Ojeda
    Javier Ojeda Interim General Secretary
  • Szilvia Mihalffy
    Szilvia Mihalffy Project Manager

Specific issues of importance to the aquaculture sector are addressed within the appropriate Commission which may decide to prepare a Resolution on the topic.

Such Resolutions are presented to the Assembly for decision. If a positive vote is obtained, the Resolutions are sent by the FEAP to the Commission of the EU and other bodies of importance and are disseminated further by the National Associations.

  • Trond Davidsen
    Trond Davidsen Chairman of the Communication Commission
  • Jean-Yves Colleter
    Jean-Yves Colleter Chairman of the Environment Commission
  • Andrea Fabris
    Andrea Fabris Chairman of the Fish Health & Welfare Commission
  • Marine Levadoux
    Marine Levadoux Chairman of the Freshwater Commission
  • Philippe Riera
    Philippe Riera Chairman of the Mediterranean Aquaculture Commission
  • Benoît Thomassen
    Benoît Thomassen Chairman of the Sturgeon Commission
  • Tor Eirik Homme
    Tor Eirik Homme Chairman of the Salmon & Large Trout Commission