The FEAP Smart Chats are fit for purpose for FEAP members and their members

  • to hear about the views of experts,
  • to exchange opinions,
  • to share examples,
  • to ask questions,
  • to learn more, …

about any challenge faced by fish farmers

#3 : Sustainability: from feed to farm (26/06/2023)

The third FEAP smart chat was held online on June 26th, 2023 to provide insight and inspiration to FEAP members to promote and innovate in their sustainable practices.

Catarina Martins, Chief Sustainability and Technology officer at Mowi ASA (Norway), gave a highly interesting presentation on how to improve the sector’s communication about sustainable finfish aquaculture.

If you could not attend this smart chat, you can learn everything about it with the following replay.


#2 : Organic products (16/05/2023)

The second FEAP smart chat was held online on May 16th, 2023 to know more about organic products (not only aquatic!) and look to where organic certification is heading.

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#1 : Evolution in scoring nutritional quality (20/03/2023)

The first FEAP smart chat was held online on March 21st, 2023 to answer this question:
From nutriscore labels to increasing qualitative demands from the consumers, are current food quality rankings fair with farmed fish, their nutritional value and efforts of producers to comply with new trends and regulations?

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