Rome, 18 January 2024

09:00   Introduction of the workshop and welcome addresses

  • Welcome speech by the General Director of marine fisheries & aquaculture at ltalian Ministry of Agriculture (MASAF) – Mr Francesco Soveria Abate
  • Welcome speech by FEAP General Secretary – Mr Javier Ojeda
  • Welcome speech by GFCM Executive Secretary – Mr Miguel Bernal

09:20   GFCM introductory presentation
Blue Transformation
FAO’s work on aquatic food systems, the GFCM 2030 Strategy for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea
and the GFCM aquaculture guidelines – Mr Houssam Hamza

09:40   FEAP presentations on social acceptability

10:40   Questions and discussion / Round 1

11:15    Coffe break

11:45   Presentations by the non-FEAP experts

12:20  Questions and discussion / Round 2

13:00    Lunch

14:30   FEAP Presentations (cont’d)

15:30  Questions and discussion / Round 3

16:00    Coffe break

16:20   Presentations by the non-FEAP experts

16:50  Questions and discussion / Round 4

17:20  Closing of the meeting: Evaluation, conclusions and next steps – Mr Serge Gomes Da Silva; Mr Houssam Hamza, Mr Javier Ojeda